Growing hair fast for Bald!!!

pearl powder, amber, polysaccharides, pineapple enzyme, cinnamon, coconut oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, refined sugar, glycerin, environmental cleaner, yeast¡Ketc.
The greatest breakthrough on biotech - active yeast can endure up to 48¢J and keep growing (normal soap yeast will die at 28¢J immediately). It can decompose and clean up all oily dirt upon hair and follicles. Then new nutrition absorbed can activate cells naturally. It can let the bald get new hair and gray hair becomes black because of nutrition supplement.
The enzyme soap with its shampoo can regain healthy hair through such combination. The oily dirt of every hair must be cleaned out by our enzyme soap. You will feel unlimited oily or astringent on hair, quite uneasy, especially, the long hair ones. With our new product you can make your hair shining and beautiful, and lessen hair conditioner or protective hair oil or dyeing. You will enjoy blackening hair day by day. No other products can have such an effect.

P.S.: You must have a preparation of fighting oily dirt in mind and the goal of getting black hair can be certainly achieved.

[SGS Test Report]