Proview.gif (4342 bytes) AMBER OPTICS 太陽護目鏡(太陽鏡)
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碳纖維鏡框 Carbon Fiber Frame / Black matte.
合金鏡框 Alloy Frame / Special technology proceeding the frame insert lenses.
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54262 Clip-ons 夾式 87598A
高級白銅合金框 Nickel Silver Alloy Frame

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  • Special For Sunglasses
  • Attenuate 100% of UV wavelengths.
  • Can block blue light.
  • The blue light portion of the visible spectrum is most likely to scatter in the eye, causing discomfort and hazy vision.


Cut 100% of ultra-violet ray, block blue light reduce the reflection, releve from glare and hazy vision.

功能特性amber-1.jpg (6746 bytes)
  • 100%防紫外線和藍色光對眼睛的傷害。景物看得更清晰。UV波長290∼320之抗除,避免雪盲。UV波長320∼400之抗除,避色青光眼40mm∼500mm避免造成飛蚊症。
  • 產品的鏡片是採取特殊配方融合鏡材研製,鏡片薄而輕,配戴減少對鼻樑之壓力。
  • 白天晴天出太陽時,開騎汽機車時,免陽光傷害延長眼睛壽命。登山旅遊用(因為高山紫外線指數高)。工地工作用(長時間在太陽底線工作者)。日光浴,海邊游泳休閒用,旅遊用平日穿戴免受陽光對睛的刺激、傷害、保護靈魂窗。
  • 經過美國F.D.A合格驗證,及國際紅、黃、綠光的標準檢定。

  • Filters-out hazardous ultra-violet rays
  • Advanced fashion design
  • Fabricated of non-vitreous lens material
  • Shatter-resistant
  • Sharpens vision
  • Lightweight construction for maximurn comfort
  • Enhances visibility of distant objects
  • Cuts glare
  • Extends vision within the accepted dimen dimensions of height, width, depth
  • Increases visibility in aerial haze and mist
  • Blocks-out the blue light suspected by many optical scientists to endanger the human eye
  • Gradient tinting gives additional protection against strong overhead light
  • Provides valuable protection against daytime blue light exposure

Blue light has been likened to radio or TV sound interference by optical scientists and has been referred to as visual "noise" Par Particles of dust and moisture in the atmos atmosphere diffuse or scatter this blue light, seriously interfering with the eye's ability to perceive objects clearly, especially at distances. In much the same way as an electronic filter blocks out the unwanted interference that distorts and blurs voices and music (and shows up as "snow" on TV screens), PROVIEW(R) AMBER OPTICS lenses block out this visual "noise". As a result, the green and red portions of the light spectrum focus notably clearer and sharper on the eye's retina. Consequently, your visual perception and perspective increase. Distant objects previously unnoticed come into view. And, yes, everything appears more distinctly clear and better defined.