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Clip-on style for eyeglass wearers also available.Article Suitable for watching television
高級白銅合金框 Nickel Silver Alloy Frame

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  • 防止電磁波,輻射線的傷害,增長您在電腦、遊樂器等的工作環境下的時間(眼睛不受傷害,較不易疲勞),並避免光點聚成,影像旁的眩光,影響視加的清晰度,尤其對弱視、青光眼、散光,甚至白內障或開刀後者,均有相當的作用。
  • 採特殊的配方,融合在鏡片中研製而成,可將光點聚集成的眩光排除掉,增加影像的清晰度,降低眼睛的疲勞(尤其對電腦工作者,或打遊戲機者)。
  • 電腦學習或工作者的第二層保護,減少對眼睛的傷害,打遊戲機者,觀賞電視者,有弱視,青光眼,散光,白內障開刀或未開刀者適用。
  • 鏡片經過強化硬度處理,不易刮傷。
  • 無形殺手∼電腦幅射線的剋星。抗幅射線、紫外線及電磁波,在以下範圍,有99%的保護眼睛,速率20KHZ到220MHZ,頻率200M∼400NM,使操作者免於幅射的摧殘不易疲勞、輕便、實用。

To eliminate the invisible killer! A designed optics from Proview. Provides 99% protection against all ultra-violet, electromagnetic radiation-from 20KHz to 200MHz, at wavelengths of 200nm to 400nm. Greatly reduces eyestrain and related drowsiness. It’s a practical design-all of which helps to improve your efficiency at work.

  • Absorbing reflective glare.
  • Softening light from screen.
  • To prevent eye fatigue & provide 99% eye protection.
  • To completely block harmful ultraviolet rays and electro-magnetic rays.
  • Extremely lightweight construction for comfort.
  • Increasing working efficiency and improve working environment.