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  • 採平面鏡片打破傳統雙筒或單筒的凸面鏡,對眼睛不造成傷害。(因為凸面鏡會聚光對眼睛會灼傷)3倍率略等於傳統望眼鏡之5倍率,前有PC的太陽護目鏡片,有保護眼睛功能。
  • 放大倍率採平面鏡的處理,以排除聚光灼傷的可能,不管近視、弱視、老花、散光的可調焦一次之後(不必戴眼鏡),300米之內範圍均不需如傳統望眼鏡 般再次調焦,皆可清晰看到。
  • 賞鳥、觀景、觀賞大建築(尤其在出國旅遊時),觀看各種球賽(棒球、高爾夫球、足球.….等),觀賞賽馬、拳賽、滑雪等,海邊觀賞用,釣魚觀看浮標動況用。
  • 與工研院共同研發,專利號:96730


  • SUN-TELESCOPE is more handy and lighter than the traditional telescope. SUN- TELESCOPE makes you see much clearer with comfort.
  • Wearing traditional telescopes would burn and damage your eyes easily due to the focusing effect under bright daylight.
  • When the nearsighted and farsighted users wear SUN-TELESCOPE, they can do without their own glasses. With SUN-TELESCOPE only, the users can see the scenery at the far side clearly by adjusting the adjustment knobs on the two sides of the frame. In another words, SUN-TELESCOPE will fit everybody under any circumstances.
  • SUN-TELESCOPE has special design for the users who have blurry eyesight problem: Astigmatism Slightly Adjustment Knob.
  • SUN-TELESCOPE can get rid of the shortcomings mentioned above. With the design of the Sun lenses, SUN-TELESCOPE can resist the bright sunlight and UV-ray
  • SUN-TELESCOPE is versatile!
    The users can use it when you watch baseball games, basketball games, theater performance, bird-watching-and so on. When you play golf, you can even trace down the small golf ball in the air easily by wearing SUN-TELESCOPE because SUN-TELESCOPE lenses is made of THE PROVIEW NEW ASPHERIC II LENS with the most advanced technology. SUN-TELESCOPE magnifies the objects better than the traditional telescope does.