Proview.gif (4342 bytes) WELDING OPTICS 焊接用護目鏡
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  • 抗強光、耐衝擊,在焊接時能抵抗高熱火光,使操作者工作進行方便,不易疲勞,增加效率,不同於舊式的手提式。

  • Lenses are made of 3m/m Polycarbonate lens with impact resistance.
  • To protect eyes from injury caused by dangerous objects come form outside
  • Passed the impact test of 500 pound of hammer
  • Conform to American (ANSI.Z87-1), Japanese (JIS), Canadian (CSA) standard
  • Suitable for any kind of factory
  • Such as metal, machinery, wooden, cutting, grinding, drilling, modeling, etc.