Article No.2005-2ETO
® Eye-Training-Optics (Focus Optics)

Patent No:

Taiwan M297477 (New structure)
  Taiwan D115885 (New style)
  U.S.A. #US 7,857,448 B2
  Japan #3123418
  Korea #20-0423350
  EU / France #06 04551
  Mainland-China #909706
Patent Pending : India


#58262 Computer optic Clip-on

抗螢幕眩光/紫外線 護目鏡

Using for computer and TV
*To absorb light reflection.
*To soft light form screen.
*To prevent eyestrain & protection for eyes.
*To obstruct the harmful UV rays completely.
Acrylic Lenses: Composite + Special Formula




#56262 Night-Clear Clip-on (Day & Night)


Using for outdoors (Day & Night)
*To see more bright and clear.
*To filter out UV rays.
*To extend vision and increase visibility in the haze

  and mist.
*To absorb strong light from cars in the evening.
*To obstruct the blue light from flash




1.Consisting of special alloy frames with black composite nylon lenses punched by laser with several rows of tiny holes (pinholes) with different angles in a prescribed configuration. Outside diameters are the same but inside diameters of each hole are different. Moreover, according to structure of eye, we use 8carve wrap-around method to make up the lens.

2.To improve nearsightedness and astigmatism, by applying ciliary muscle activation is a right way. So that your nearsightedness and astigmatism can be improved as soon as possible.

3.It is no side effect when you're using this product. But you must train hard on this treatment. Wear it at least 30 minutes in early days and gather times as you have obvious progress. More better use 4 hours.

4.Please regard your diet (absorbing different nutrition) and have sufficient light when you're reading.

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